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Girl Reading a Book
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Children's Books
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Girl Reading a Book

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She's Just a Stay at Home Mom | Children's book | Omage to Moms

Get "Success: His Divine Message" FREE when you buy all 5 books!


Matriarch University

Honoring Moms and Their Role in Society.

With all the challenges that mothers face in raising a family and keeping the family together, we would like to make our humble contribution by providing educational tools, books, gifts,  and more,  through our product line of Little Encouragers and  help support the vocation of ALL moms in the hopes that this will help make their life a little bit easier.

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Little Encouragers™
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First Children's Picture Book.

Little Encouragers | Children's books | by the Belmares Family authors and illustrators
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A mom discovers her many talents and becomes a Master Of Many Skills.  As most M.O.M.S. understand, the title of a Mom requires that we wear many hats.  Children and moms alike  will enjoy reading this story together, as moms will be able to relate to the main character and children will enjoy the lively illustrations.

This story is inspired by a series of true events.  Dedicated to all moms, but  most  especially to  "stay-at-home moms", it is a story that will touch a mom's heart.  It comes  with a very special gift at the end of the book that moms will surely appreciate.  

How About That!

Little Encouragers' first children's book | She's Just a Stay at Home Mom | author Letty Belmares
Peek into book

Take a Look Inside:

Honor that Special Mom

Acknowledge her efforts and dedication by giving her this

FREE certificate: 

Masters Of Many Skills, M.O.M.S., 

with the title of  Home Manager. 

Moms will surely love it!  

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Download M.O.M.S.

Simply write your email to receive a FREE copy of the certificate. 

Now, make her cry! (with joy)

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Check your email.  Follow the link for your free download.  Print the certificate, have the family members fill in the information, and present it with honor and love.

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